August 24, 2009


Dark Authors feel free to SEND ME YOUR WRITINGS!
I will post all dark/scary/slightly disturbing subjects.
Short stories and poetry only though.
Stories should be less than 2000 words.
Poems less than 1000.
If you have a short chapter story,
please send each chapter in a separate email (those stories should be limited to 15,000 words).
I will not, however, post porn. So no anthropromorphic mating or flat out porn stories.
Everything else is accepted.
From Transgressive subjects to Sci-Fi to Gothic Romance to Hating Society.
Your user name will be put with the posting of your writing and if you want, add your blog link and/or your real name or pen name.
For all the legal mumbo jumbo, refer to the bottom of the front page of the blog.
My contact is in the side Gadget. My email, if not visible from the gadget, is

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